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Fashion Coos: Le Macchinine

my son nikolai just turned two, and he's just now starting to figure out that superheros are the coolest.  good thing for the italian graphic design studio le macchinine headed by mom/founder flavia ruotolo.  le macchinine offers an adorable supersuper line of tees sporting playful, graphically rendered animals, from foxes to bunnies, and an attached cape that flies behind your mini superhero as he does his superhero thing -- you know, like saving the world one cheerio at a time.

be sure to also check out the coordinated cotton canvas backpacks and newly launched grandi lavori (translation: big works) line of tees with graphic trucks and construction vehicles designed with a combination of lines and simple shapes that both parents and kids love.  s h o p  l e m a c c h i n i n e

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