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Ahhs: Angeline Towels by Kontex

artisanal japanese towels. do i need to say more? well i will... kontex makes some of the most luxurious towels on the planet (i have been c o o i n g over their towels for awhile) and i just discovered their children's line, angeline. created by a three-woman team at kontex, the angeline collection is designed specifically for children and newborns --but you're going to want to use them too!

the towels are washed in all-natural soaps, making the collection even more soft. the magical part is that even though these have a cloud-like quality they wear super well. the hooded towel has the perfect proportions so that it can fit tiny ones up to kids and i love the little snap to keep it on. my kids literally fight over this towel. shop the a n g e l i n e  c o l l e c t i o n

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