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Fashion Coos: Finn + Emma {Discount Code}

several months ago i received an adorable wooden rattle in the shape of a flower and i assumed the maker only made toys. wrong!  after a little sleuthing, i discovered finn + emma has a whole line of clothing and bedding made of 100% organic cotton as well as beautiful, sustainably made wood toys and accessories.

but here's the thing:  you know how some organic cotton is rough to the touch and sort of too 'unrefined' or something?  well, the fabric that finn + emma sources is incredibly soft and super durable. it's high quality stuff, i tell ya!

so if you believe a word i've said then head over to finn + emma because they are giving coos & ahhs readers 20% off your purchase!  use this code and hook up all those cute babies in your life: G2Q2C. valid till july 13, 2014. 

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