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Fashion Coos: Miszkomaszko

there seems to be some momentum growing with great kidswear coming out of poland these days.  or maybe i'm just late to the party?  anyway, i just stumbled upon this fun brand miszkomaszko (prounounced meeshko-mushko), created by agata piechocka and named after her son's imaginary friend.

agata mentioned to me how most of her memories are connected to what she was wearing at the moment, and that's definitely the same for me.  the clothes she creates are playful and comfortable to wear, with great pops of color and bright graphics -- memory-making pieces without a doubt.  every item is a little party, and i could see them quickly becoming my son's favorites. the best part is that most of the line is unisex. keep the good stuff coming, poland!  shop m i s z k o m a s z k o

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