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Fashion Coos: New Styles from Zuzii

i can't go on enough about zuzii shoes. every time my kids rock a pair moms come out of the woodwork asking me about them. not only are they f'ing insanely cute and comfy, but they also are handcrafted in los angeles and affordable. i am dying over the latest styles--especially the neon! i just learned from our very own @lookcindy that they are going to start carrying adult sizes! woot woot. shop z u z i i 


  1. couldn't you just die?! NEED A PAIR FOR ME!

  2. Lindsay - Shop Ella LouJune 24, 2014 at 3:57 PM

    Hands-down some of the most gorgeous kids shoes Ive ever seen. And, I love that they are all handmade! My only dilemma is sandals or lace ups...

  3. These shoes are gorgeous! Love them!

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