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What We Wear: Sugar on Snow

adela is at the perfect age for cute clothing. i feel like i maybe have another year of this sweet spot then it's all down hill from here! so i am soaking it up because i am only going to get to do this once. (sniff)

that is why i adore the small boutique sugar on snow. it some how has a nostalgic, yet contemporary feel to the selection-- you could say classic, but also edgy. the shop carries some heirloom quality brands that you are gonna to pay more for, but you can also find a range of affordable pieces that you won't find just anywhere. and with so many new shops popping up all over the internet that is saying a lot!

this season sugar on snow got my ticket will all the soft peachy, pinks and relaxed cotton pieces that adela basically lives in. she is wearing a nico nico tank and koolabah dots pants, and a nico nico dress.

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