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Ahhs: Good Eggs

i love idea of the farmer's market... the fresh air and sunshine, me in a flowy floral number with a oversized woven basket on my arm, full fresh cut flowers and herbs, pursuing the selection of heirloom tomatoes. cut to reality. the blazing sun. packed to the gills with people. whining tots and wandering around aimlessly through the aisles. and i never do well since i get overwhelmed and just buy a bunch of random stuff.

if this is you or if you simply cannot make it to your local weekend farmers market then check out good eggs. literally the farmers market delivered to your door! shop virtual farm stands from all your favorite producers in the controlled environment of your living room! a couple clicks and a day or so later, a hipster farm helper will show up with bags of awesomeness. available in san francisco, los angeles, new orleans and brooklyn of course! 

good eggs provided us with a gift purchase to try the service---we loved it!!

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