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Ahhs: We'RE aLL YouNG TogEthER

there was a time in my life when i was a music snob. times have changed a bit now that i don't have time to keep up on the scene, but we have never been a household where barney and elmo soundtracks are on repeat. i've always wanted my kids to appreciate real music. so when this children's cd by walter martin (of the walkmen!) arrived i was hoping for the best, but bracing for the worst.... (prepare for true, but sweeping statement)

we're all young together is probably the best children's album i have ever listened to! the folk-y songs my kids love and already know every word to every track, but with songs featuring some of my faves like karen o (yeah yeah yeahs), matt berninger (the national) and more walkmen alum, i don't even need my kids around to listen to it! hello road trip lifesaver buy it now h e r e

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