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Books to Coo About: U is for Underwear

just last fall, nikolai had zero curiosity for books, and i was legitimately afraid he would never take an interest in reading.  somehow, that all changed when he turned two and now reading is his favorite strategy for stalling at bedtime.  u is for underwear by artist and printmaker jesse levison (pow!) has recently become one of his favorites, especially since we're also potty training right now and underwear (and the lack thereof) is a frequent topic of conversation around here.

it's an alphabet book - not exactly a groundbreaking concept - but the illustrations are bold, colorful, and easily recognizable, which can be a challenge at this early age with some of the more abstractly rendered images found in some books.  for a two year old, this simplicity is a breath of fresh air.

you can get u is for underwear h e r e

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