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Fashion Coos: Willaby

dear readers, may i have your attention please!  it's been a long time since i truly fell in love with a brand, but i'm pretty sure i've found a new favorite.  willaby is the brainchild of kim woods, who is a mother, formally trained painter, and designer extraordinaire - um, obv!  each piece is constructed at a fine garment making shop in georgia (usa) and you can feel the great quality and see the attention to detail in the tailoring and shape of the clothes.  

willaby's debut summer line is full of bright, yet sophisticated prints and solids in lightweight, breezy, super soft cotton -- perfect for the humid summer weather and running around without a care.  sizes run from newborn to 4 years old, and most of the line is unisex. this outfit is definitely going to become roman's late summer uniform.

willaby is currently running a sale, and trust me, you need to go to there!  they ship to most countries.

shop w i l l a b y

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