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Ahhs: Smitten for the Wee Generation

henry is turning five next month and i look around mournfully at the beautiful wood toys in his collection as he becomes obsessed with ninja turtles and power rangers. (big sigh) i know it's inevitable, but what really bothers me more than the tacky mainstream plasticness of it all, is the violence. why do toys for boys have to be all about fighting and weapons?

one of many reason i am a fan of the online shop smitten for the wee generation is they stock beautifully crafted toys and decor that focus on creative and imaginative play. i find the selection for boys to be especially thoughtful: cars, pirates, tools, rocket ships and more! 

and just when i was ready to pack-up all the wooden toys, smitten sent us this beautiful wooden camera (pictured) by fanny and alexander that both kids are super in to! (i was a little shocked.) they like to take it around the city snapping pictures of each other--it's heartbreakingly cute. the bonus is when they are done with it i am going to display it on my bookcase as an objet--it's that pretty.

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