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Adorn: Henry + Adela's Kids Room!

the grand reveal is here! it might be a little anticlimactic since i basically took the exact same scheme for the nursery with a few new additions to create the kids room. that is part of the beauty of the grey walls and basic black, white and grey palette--a few pops of color in any direction and viola! a new look!

this project started when we realized it was time for henry to upgrade from toddler bed to twin. i was basically happy with their room, but i wanted to create something extra sweet for adela, while allowing room for star wars and legos for henry.

after pouring over all the bed options, i decided the bunk bed made the most sense. the kids will be sharing a room until we either win the lottery or it gets too weird--the latter is probably going to come sooner. after kicking bed posts on all the bunk bed models i could find, the perch by oeuf was my favorite. 

besides the stunning design, i like the versatility in the configuration of the bottom bunk. we use it as a free-standing twin underneath and it is perfect. i imagine once the kids need separate rooms, one can use the loft and the other the twin. i wasn't sure at first if adela at just two years old would be ready for a twin, but the transition from crib to big bed was seamless...well, there were a couple of flops out of the bed before i ordered the guardrail. (bad mom!) 

little auggie was my go-to for bedding! i really wanted something that was fun for the little ones, but didn't overpower the room and could work together for a boy and a girl. i am sooo not a matchy person and little auggie's simple prints mix-and-match together so effortlessly it was a no brainer. bonus is if we need house guest to sleep in the kid's room--which let's be honest it's nyc, we will-- they won't feel like they are slumming it either!

we had outgrown our bookshelf that actually didn't work that well for books. i didn't have to look far to find the perfect one at land of nod. the smaller shelves keep books packed in tight while allowing for decor and toys to fill the larger spaces.

atsuyo et akiko's winnie the pooh series of pillows were the perfect accent to the auggie bedding. the kids love them since they are familiar characters and i could steal them for my bed. now, atsuyo et akiko needs to make a spiderman, ironman, and power ranger series!

throughout the room are the sweet handmade creations from h-luv: metallic rainbow clouds, snoozy bunnies, and amazing (custom) oversize mushroom friends in gold and pink!

 of course i know i have to soak this moment up before their room becomes overrun with princess-spiderman-power ranger-craziness. my decorating days are certainly numbered.

a sincere thank you to my sponsors for supporting the blog and this project:

little auggie for bedding; h-luv for rainbow clouds, bunnies and mushrooms; atsuyo et akiko for pillows, tutu and henry's cool brooklyn sweatshirt; and oeuf for the continued support of coos & ahhs.

this post was partially sponsored. all words are my own.


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