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Ahhs: Mighty Twenty

mighty twenty takes the milestone of losing teeth and turns it into a totally fun (and stylish) activity for kids, which by the way, tomorrow i will have an official "kid" since it's mr. h's fifth birthday! 

it is a bit early to get started, but the excitement of a new project involving a magical creature and parts of his body has my little guy enthralled. mighty twenty's pillows are like an all-in-one activity bundle with a pocket for a tooth and another to hold your very own tooth tracker book. kids can color the teeth as they lose them and chart the progress. if the paper form is too low-tech for your little one, you can track online via the digital tracker--very cool! 

henry is so siked about the prospect of losing his teeth and having the tooth fairy come-- although he asked me to write her and request that she leaves his teeth and the money. 

shop and learn more...  m i g h t y  t w e n t y

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