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Fashion Coos: Zaikamoya

back to school shopping has been so much fun this year.  there have been a ton of cute statement pieces from the usual suspects, but i've actually been having a tough time finding neutrals that i love.  and it doesn't help that my two year old still refuses to wear denim!  i can't blame him because i prefer also not to nap in jeans (don't we all?),  but denim is such a great base for any outfit...woe is me with my first world problems.  anyway, i've been looking for a range of soft neutral pieces and was really excited to find the brooklyn based brand zaikamoya.

zaikamoya has the casual comfy look and palette that can both complement or replace key denim pieces, but it's made mostly from soft cotton or angora knit.  and i love that it's almost all produced here in new york.  new collection just dropped today - time to go shopping!

shop z a i k a m o y a

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