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What We Wear: First Day of Kindergarten

i don't often write personal posts, but this feels like a moment to share. (sorry in advance if this is annoying)

this morning i walked my little boy to his first day of kindergarten at a new york city public school. i cannot believe i am a mother of a child in elementary school! it was a roller coaster of emotions from being excited to trying to be brave to feeling absolute sadness and happiness all at once. he is starting a dual language (spanish-english) program-- i am thrilled! when i picked him up he was glowing...

and looking so handsome in his outfit from wee mondine: long sleeved paint splatter topcuffed jeans and a polka dot backpack (spiderman colors are just as good as spiderman graphics--right?!)

i would love to hear other parents experience with first days! 


  1. I think your son and my son are just about a week apart in age. My son starts Kindergarten this coming Monday, and my heart can barely take it. . It can't be that five years have already passed...what the heck happened?? Anyway, this post was lovely..not annoying at all!! I've been following you since the beginning, and I love seeing your sweet boy grow, and of course, I have stolen many a fashion tip over the last five years. So, congrats, momma!! I hope he has a wonderful year!

  2. thank you for your comment nadine! you brought tears to my eyes...good luck monday! and thank you for your support. xoxo a


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