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Fashion Coos: Lazy Saturday with Ladida

okay, i know i am one pajama obsessed's a strange thing to be crazy about, but something about having just the right sleepwear makes the world feel complete. lately, i have been on the hunt for nightgowns for adela--they are hard to come by for toddlers--so when i found this one by ten at ladida, i knew it was the one. it is made of soft grey, super thick cotton with adorable little buttons and pockets, but i love that it's really long. perfect for staying toasty on a winter morning!

ladida specializes in high-end children's clothing with a focus on classic european looks and a few surprises mixed in. you will find brands from all over the globe for babies, boys and girls ages 0 to 12. before you glaze over at the mention of high-end, the shop features an amazing sale selection where you can find last season's goodies for almost nothing! i highly recommend checking it out.

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