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Ahhs: BRIO Toys from Sweden

color me crazy, but i still care about having beautiful, high quality toys for my children. as they move from toddlerhood to kids, the options for toys i like and they think are cool gets narrower and narrower. luckily there are a few euro brands that keep it real for both parents and kids alike.

the swedish brand brio is certainly one of the best. they appeal to my design-obsessed brain, but also get my kids totally jazzed. if you haven't heard of them don't feel bad, it hasn't been until recently that they landed stateside. brio fosters children's imaginations with toys that are open-ended, timeless, and eco.

can you believe they have been around for 130 years?! to celebrate they released a p u l l - a - l o n g  h o r s e inspired by the toy that started it all ,the osby horse. (pictured above)

the a i r p o r t  m o n o r a i l with battery powered train, high-rise track, airplane and terminal, will be a showstopper under the christmas tree this season. both my kids love it and henry (five) can just watch the train go along the track forever. brilliant!

there is much, much to discover. check amazon h e r e and learn more about b r i o

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