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Ahhs: Radio City Christmas Spectacular!

a few weeks back i was invited to see the radio city christmas spectacular. surprisingly, i have never been to radio city--like many good new yorkers, i haven't been to a ton of the top tourist stops--so i had to jump at the chance!

the dazzling theater is worth the trip itself, but seeing the legendary rockettes is really as magical as you'd expect. the routines are astonishingly complex and the dancers are the epitome of glamour. santa makes several appearances and you can also get photos with him before or after the show. i was surprised at how hi-tech the show is, with digital projections, a massive led screen and 3d glasses! at one point the whole theatre transformed into a snowy wonderland, then the next, santa was throwing presents an inch from my face in 3d!

i will have to say my particular children didn't have the attention span for the whole show, so we left early, but i did see other well-behaved children much younger than mine completely engaged. so bottom line: make this the year and see the rockettes-- it is truly spectacular!

find out more and get tickets h e r e.

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