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Fashion Coos: AKID Brand

happy monday, folks!  grab a muffin and a cup o' coffee and allow me to introduce you to akid.  this shoe brand, out less than a year, is the epitome of cool.  roman, that lucky kid, is wearing one of their newest releases:  atticus in clear finish.  you can have so many options styling an outfit using a fun sock as the foundation -- i just love that versatility.  and an added bonus, they seem pretty water resistant so far, which will come in handy with the rain pelting both coasts these days.

the fun doesn't stop there, though.  akid has a ton of eye-catching statement styles.  a few are below, but there are more in their shop, so be sure to check it out.  the hard part will be deciding on a style - the struggle is real, i tell you.

shop a k i d

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