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Holiday Break

we're packing up the car tomorrow and heading up north for the week. i love these last weeks of the year when everything winds down. i have to say i need it, even though it's hard for me to really check out-- i will certainly have my camera and laptop with me over the break! it's been both good and hard going back to work full-time, having my career really take off in a new direction-- that is my day job as publicist for an well-known architect. i have struggled with keeping up on coos & ahhs, but at the end of the day, i love this in whatever form it takes...thanks for hanging on for the ride! have the most wonderful holiday from both of us at coos & ahhs!

(this week: we made striped marshmallows- recipe  h e r e | i found a tutu du monde inspired dress at h + m | awesome charley harper inspired wrapping paper from henry's fundraiser | doll dilemma solved thanks to my peeps on instagram

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