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Ahhs: Moobles + Toobles

there's something about a black + white + bright color combination that always gets me, and i don't think it's one of those trends that comes and goes before you can say monochrome.  i chose a similar palette for my wedding half a decade ago, and t h i s is still one of my favorite nursery inspiration boards.

nadia cruikshanks takes it to another level with the illustrations for her brand moobles + toobles, based in dublin.  each drawing makes you think there's an elaborate and whimsical story behind each character.  i'd definitely read that book!  the moobles + toobles collection includes 100% organic cotton onesies, dresses, pillows, swaddle blankets and more.

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1 comment:

  1. So cool! I love the circus elephant one in particular! I'll take a look!



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