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Fashion Coos: luvmother

there is no bad weather, just bad clothing. true... but good clothing often involves numerous bulky layers that once you get them on your kid(s) you deserve an ultimate fighting championship title! it's enough of a hassle that even at the slightest drop in the mercury, this lazy mom opts for a day in the apartment. that is, until now...

luvmother to the rescue! the new label features a range of basic pieces for kids that besides being very well made and extremely functional, everything is made from merino wool. wool! before you click away because you have one of those super sensitive kids that hates anything itchy--i have one of those too! luvmother weaved some magic into these fabrics because they are so thin, soft and warm that little miss cashmere is too itchy loves her tee from luvmother!

the collection features versatile colors with fun little details that make an average sweatshirt anything but! one of my favorite surprises is the all-over print that at first blush looks like triangles that is actually tiny birds--so cool. these are the clothes you and your children will want to wear over and over again. warm, functional and surprisingly stylish-- it will come as no surprise that everything is designed and made in canada! they know how to do cold.

luvmother is offering  coos & ahhs readers 15% off your order with code LUVCOOS!

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