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Fashion Coos: April Showers with Ladida

you know it's been a long winter when you are looking forward to rainy spring days. although, i do love the fragrant air and splashing around on a warm april afternoon. in preparation for the sprinkles on the horizon, we had a little fashion shoot with ladida-- it was actually snowing when we took these shots!

this season at ladida you will find an expertly curated selection of all the must-have pieces for spring and summer. fresh colors, playful prints--umbrellas!-- and some seriously fashion forward looks, like a transparent raincoat for little ladies. the boy's department at ladida is without a doubt one of my faves, you will find the most sophisticated looks for little boys and gorgeous footwear.

adela is wearing a wolf + rita dress, coco blanc raincoat and billieblush umbrella. mr. h is showing off an emile et ida umbrella print tee. these are clothes my kids truly love to wear.

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