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Almondella Boxes + Paul & Paula

subscription boxes have always seemed like a fun idea, but the reality of them always falls flat for me. i am a bit of snob (self-proclaimed...feel free to roll eyes now) when it comes to baby stuff, hence the blog. so i never trust someone to just send me what i want every month, that was, until now.

the helsinki-based a l m o n d e l l a provides curated gift boxes as well as monthly subscription ones for newborns up to age three. so imagine all the scandi, eco, design goodness of europe packed into one box of pure joy every month. sigh. to really put the icing on the cake, amondella teamed up with the ultimate tastemaker p a u l  &  p a u l a to create a special gift box for all ages and genders. so close your eyes and order...seriously. (what's inside below)

the paul & paula box is only 45 euros (includes 84 euros of goodies) and includes shipping (worldwide) order h e r e

we were lucky enough to receive one of paul & paula's limited edition boxes-- that both kids are loving. it includes:

shanna murray w a l l s t i c k e r s with beautifully simple messages that children will remember and see every day. 

limited edition print from w a l n u t  +  w a l r u s based in sweden.

e v o l u t i o n coloring book, which i have lusted after for years-- so cool!

retro elephant money box-- a classic finish design that has been in product since the early seventies. 

graphic hedge hog cushion from p a a p i i from finland.

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