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Books to Coo About: Where Do Our Baby Teeth Go?

there is a really weird thing that happens to all small children in every country around the world that we rarely discuss: all your teeth fall out and you get new ones!

there is a woman on a mission to make sure all children learn about this wild, wonderful milestone. vilasinee, founder of mighty twenty already has a full line of charts, tooth pillows, boxes, tattoos, and now, the just released book "where do our baby teeth go?".  her book is a multi-cultural adventure to help kids understand and celebrate losing baby teeth. gorgeously illustrated, little ones follow tooth stories and traditions from around the world. readers learn about common and totally off-the-wall tales from brazil to china to india and beyond. in the last pages of the book kids can write their own tooth story with a tooth tracker and map!

i had no idea that kids can start losing their baby teeth at five, so i recommend getting on board and start by reading this adorable book stat!

buy it at m i g h t y  t w e n t y

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