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Fashion Coos: Dsenyo

as a woman-run blog, we love discovering businesses that support and empower other women, and of course, offer something adorable.  dsenyo does it all.  as an active member of the fair trade federation, desenyo provides sustainable jobs employing women and artisans in africa and latin america, paying them four-to-eight times the minimum wage in their communities -- and with the help of some gorgeous contemporary african fabrics and sustainable materials like buriti palm fiber, we get an array of hand-crafted, socially responsible goods to love and wear with pride.
dsenyo sent some samples for us to try, and roman loved running around in them.  they were comfortable, well-made, and eye-popping!  make sure to check out their shop because they do so much more than baby apparel, including home goods, accessories, toys and jewelry.

shop d s e n y o 

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