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New Amusements from BRIO

we are gearing up for summer here in new york, and for our family, that means lots of trips to the beach and, of course, coney island. so we couldn't be more excited for the latest collection of fun park themed train sets from brio!

i am sure most of you are familiar with the swedish brand brio from their classic trains and beautifully crafted toys for infants to big kids, but you may not know that brio is really expanding the product line to include toys that will thrill little minds.

the latest addition is the fun park collection. it features a roller coaster track with an elevator to take the cars to the top, ferris wheel with blinking lights, ticket booth that plays music, strong bell, and fun park train. the durable plastic parts paired with the classic wood pieces give these toys a modern, yet timeless aesthetic. big kids will love playing with them along with toddlers. as a parent, i love that they are easy to put together and don't have tiny parts that get lost...(uh! ummm... playmobile!)

shop b r i o  and on a m a z o n.

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