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Roxana Illuminated Perfume: Aromatherapy for Kids

perfume and kids might sound an odd combo, but that is before you have sampled the amazing fragrances from roxana. her illuminated solid perfumes are handmade in california using essential oils, beeswax from her hives (of course) and organic jojoba oil.  sounds pretty dreamy--right?

i have to admit, i am not a huge perfume person, but roxana's scents sounded interesting and i love the idea of aromatherapy for little ones. my kids are into lotions and potions, so we had a lot of fun rubbing the subtle floral and earthy scents all over--literally. each sample pot comes with a informational card with lyrical passages. these are a really fun way to explore the summer season through the senses...also great for mamas!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing dear Amanda, I am so happy you and the little ones had a fun aromatic adventure with the wee tubs.


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