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Books to Coo About: Big Bot, Small Bot: A Book of Robot Opposites

i have to admit that we have a ton of books.  that is, a ton of books that my kids don't read.  i'll introduce a new one and they're all nnnnnoooooooo!  for some reason they just get hooked to one or two at a time and stick with only those for a few months.  is this how all kids are?  makes me feel like #parentingfail

that said, big bot, small bot: a book of robot opposites by marc rosenthal (pow!) was an immediate hit.  we've been reading this awesome lift-the-flap book for about a month, every night, and my three-year-old can't get enough.  he reads all the pages to me, and it's so much fun using our voices and arms to communicate big and small.  quiet and LOUD.  when we get to happy and sad, he makes me skip sad because he doesn't want the robot to spill his ice cream.  it's just too tragic.

we feel your pain robot, we do.

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