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Fall is Looking Good: Playtime New York

it’s funny, summer has just landed and for the fashion world, it’s over. we are already buzzing about fall. I kick-off the fall fashion season with playtime new york—the children’s fashion tradeshow—that opens on august 1 at the metropolitan pavilion in chelsea.

since the beginning, playtime has explored and analyzed the evolution of fashion in the children’s universe, by identifying trends and bringing unknown talent to the market. one of the trends that i am loving is one playtime is calling “team spirit”. I like to call it “heritage spirit”.

the look is going back to the roots—to simplicity. styles are inspired by amish garb, which evokes a neo-farmer feeling or the nomadic tribes of the great white north (this alaskan girl is all ears!). the trend is soaked in nostalgia and the fabrics convey this with natural fibers like ethnic wools, flannel, denim or felt. colors are muted and neutral—taupe, slate, ash and khaki. key pieces like overalls, pinafore, clogs and suspenders are going to make a big statement this autumn.

get a jumpstart on fall by checking out the exciting list of exhibitors h e r e

playtime is also running an amazing giveaway, register for the fair and you will be entered to win a trip to playtime in paris this january! learn more at p l a y t i m e

this post is sponsored by playtime. the words are my own.

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