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Skylar Luna Pajama Fun!

as you may know, i have a pajama might call it an obsession. but one of my greatest pleasures as a mom is getting the kids clean in a bath and slipping them into a fresh pair of pajamas after a long, dirty, day of play. even better on a warm summer night-- crickets chirping in the background, or in my case, the ice cream truck song playing in the distance.

yet, still to this day, finding organic non-offensive sleepwear is difficult. there is one place i can always look to to find what i need: skylar luna. their line of organic, cotton pajamas come the way parents and kids want them in cool, yet tasteful prints and colors. i personally love all the style options, especially the short sleeve top with long pants- perfect for summer nights. the latest prints feature fish, hawaiian florals, bunnies and some amazing stripe combos. sleeping never looked so good.

also for fun, check this timewarp to the last time i posted on skylar luna h e r e...where did my babies go?

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