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Stylish & Hip Kids Photography

a couple of weeks ago mariliana of stylish & hip kids photography invited me to a remote, industrial section of greenpoint, brooklyn to do a photo session with my kids.

when we arrived at the spot, i immediately knew i was dealing with a kindred spirit. the location was amazing, basically a new public park in the middle of a waste treatment zone--only in new york! and then i was greeted by the bright and warm mariliana. we all took to her right away...especially the kids.

mariliana let the kids play and she worked around them, instead of doing a lot of posing and styling, which allowed for their crazy personalities to come out on film. she was able to edit and compose frames (a bit mind boggling since the kids were running around the entire time!) that felt very editorial and nothing like typical family photography. the results are absolutely stunning--there were literally no bad shots. she is a true artist.

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this post is sponsored by stylish & hip kids photography. the words and experience is completely my own.

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