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Tee Shirt Season with Little Lark

this post is a little personal because little lark is designed and run by one of my oldest friends from alaska. i can honestly say i wouldn't be the person i am today if i didn't have the creative and inspirational talent of christy in my life as a young girl. you might think, "of course she will support her friend's company!" but, no...really, little lark is where it is at for tee-shirt season! 

based in portland, oregon (my other second home) little lark creates quality pieces that kids crave. kitties, astronauts, robots, ponies, flowers galore-- rendered in adorable detail with metallic foils and neon splashes all in super soft cotton.  you can also get some of the designs like the interstellar moon and astronaut as poster and pillows (geo pillow pictured above).

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