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The Essence of Summer: Lulaland

the new collection from brooklyn-based lulaland is infused with all the elements of the season: easy, flowing, and colorful! check, plaid, floral, dots all in a mix of bold hues and soft pastels, and, of course, metallic notes through out. these pieces feel like a warm summer breeze. constructed from cotton linen with billowy silhouettes that are perfect for sprinkler jumping and boardwalk skipping!

i have been waxing poetic about lula for awhile now (check previous shoot: h e r e). their inaugural collection had me falling off my seat in love. i am a sucker for prints and in the skilled hands of lulaland designer, lula, these take on a new life. the aesthetic reminds me of  the fashion of the e d o  p e r i o d of woodblock prints, where men and women are decked out in layers of wild patterns. it truly excites me to see children's fashion at this level .... and the shocker?  the prices are really reasonable!

shop l u l a l a n d (sale going on now!)

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