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Adorn: Born on Monday

born on monday started surprisingly not by a mom, but by a lady who wanted to give her friend an extra special baby gift.

"i spent days thinking what would be the best, most thoughtful gift a new mom would need and appreciate. Something with no specific size so the baby could use it from the very first day of his or her life and grow with it, something that could be use for many years and yet so unique and beautiful designed that could be part of priceless memories for both, baby and mother."

after racking her brain she decided to make a blanket..which is the perfect baby gift. she eventually started born on monday as well as her own family. the shop sells these totally amazing blankets as well as decor items and dolls.  one of each please!

check out sale items and free shipping to usa and canada: shop b o r n  o n  m o n d a y

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