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Books to Coo About: Lily the Unicorn

there really is not enough unicorn books out there--they are basically the most badass animal ever. lily is no exception. 

she loves adventures, getting messing, making friends and just thinking differently than the average unicorn. she hangs with a risk-adverse penguin named roger, he hates broken promises and scary things. this sweet story is rendered in whimsical illustrations by dallas clayton (from the awesome book series). each page is packed with drawings, which my kids loooove to pour over the images and spot objects.

the jim henson company just launched a series on lily and her adventures on amazon. we actually saw the pilot first and fell in l-o-v-e. beware lily has a super catching song that you may never get out of your head! 

buy lily the unicorn book h e r e and show your support for #lilytheunicorn, watch. rate. review h e r e 

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