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Bringing the Summer Heat with H&M Kids

seriously. i could wax poetic about h&m any month of the year, but when they are good, they are really really good. i have ten dollar h&m pieces i love as much or more as bobo choses, mini rodini, you name it! and this summer season h&m kids is rocking it with the heat!

animal and tropical prints galore, high contrast graphics, breezy florals and more color than one can fit into a beach vacation for four! and let's not forget to mention the accessories...neon necklaces, woven bags and hats, shades, and amazing graphic shoes. these pieces are made for kids and they love wearing them. i love the price, quality and the no-fuss care. this is what we wear.

here are some pix of henry and adela in red hook showing off their own h&m style.

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