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Djeco Toys from France

my long love affair with french toys started way before i had children. the french just get me, but to be honest, they don't always get kids. one french brand has their finger on the pulse of the playful, magical world of the child's mind: djeco.

besides being eco, high-quality, and well-designed, these toys are fun and affordable! i know i am as guilty as the next blogger of posting monochromatic, high-design, over-priced toys that just appeal to weird parents such as myself. djeco rides the fine line of design-y,but kid focused. 

we've been testing out the ukulele from the djeco's range of vibrant musical instruments that are made to be really played. adela is the next feist. (ha!)

discover more at d j e c o and shop toys at these us sites: a m a z o n and g r a s s h o p p e r 

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