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Natty Dresses

this morning i pulled out this lovely dress from the new york brand natty, picked some wild flowers from our garden, and took adela to the park next to our apartment. she sparkled in this billowy linen dress as she skipped down the sidewalk in the morning sun. i felt transported to another time.

natty is a line of dresses based on a memory of childhood. designer natalie says, "in 1963, my mother took her first teaching post in hong kong and with her pocket money, commissioned a local tailor to make her a few custom made dresses for work. the dresses were beautiful: clean, simple lines, exquisite fabrics and fine tailoring..." 

her story comes to life in pinafore and shift dresses rendered in muted hues and bold shades. the pieces feel vintage, but not in a nostalgic way. there is a modernness and timelessness to the collection that is authentic. the soft lines, the sweet details and the painstaking attention to quality make these frocks beyond your average garment. a heirloom.

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