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Books to Coo About: Leo a Ghost Story

my kids are really into anything spooky and scary these days. i joke they are little goths since they talk about some really dark shit. it is amazing what their little minds will come up with. it's fun, but they also get freaked out very easily. so it's a fine line of playing along without giving them nightmares.

this new book from the young, but prolific, children's author mac barnett (sam and dave dig a hole, telephone, the skunk) and illustrated by christian robinson (gaston, last stop on market street) hits the perfect tone. this charming tale about leo, a sweet boy, who turns out to be a ghost, starts when a family moves into his home and he unintentionally scares the bejesus out of them. leo goes out into the world and eventually finds a friend. this story illustrates how beautifully open and imaginative children can be. it will make you want to get a little more of that back.

b u y  leo: a ghost story

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