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Cuckoo for Clogs

my personal style involves a lot of clogs. so naturally i think kids plus clogs is an excellent idea... clunk. clunk. clunk. okay, i know they are not the most practical footwear for children, but if you are reading this blog i am going to assume that practicality isn't at the top of your list.

i do love the easy on and off and my daughter likes to remove her shoes pretty much constantly. at the end of the day nothing is cuter than a simple little dress paired with clogs for both mama and daughter! here are a couple of my go to spots for clogs:

s v e n clogs (makers of no. 6)  they pretty much make every style and have lots of kids options; c a p e clogs have lots of affordable styles and the polka-dot ones above are the cutest; then of course, n o e + z o e have the most lust worthy ones in their signature stripes and stars in bright colors.

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