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Boy's Rule: ABC123me

i know i have strayed from my path... i started this blog to bring fashion back to baby boys. then adela happened and i fell into the wonderful world of girliness and never looked back. ha! seriously though, things have gotten so much better for boys i love sharing great brands that focus on our little guys. abc123me is one my faves. season-less, classic, practical, and made to withstand the wear and tear little boys put on clothing. 

the newest collection features favorite basics in citrusy colors paired with rich suiting pieces that bring together a laid back californian feel with exquisite english tailoring and quality.  abc has the best "about" statement i think i have ever read: 

"we make fuss free, clean line everyday luxury basics. our clothes are super soft and low on branding but are easy to match and made in fabrics that are built to last." 

what more do you want? how about some pix of henry modeling the latest pieces!

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