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Best Boots Ever: Blundstone

heritage brands are getting a lot of attention these days and for good reason. decades of craftsmanship, sustainable production and quality have become much more important to consumers.

my friends sometimes tease me about the price of items i post here, yes, they are not cheap. but you will not find me covering dior or gucci kids--and believe me they pitch me all the time. things that are made well and ethically produced do cost more....and yes, for kids too.

so finding boots that are durable, fashionable and have a lifetime guarantee might seem like over-kill in kids footwear, but these beautiful blundstone boots made in the rugged landscape of tasmania are the ultimate winter boot. (i didn't know they made kids sizes!) weather resistant, nd versatile enough for year-round wear, the kids blunnies slip on and off with no fuss and look smashing with casual or dressy looks. i love the idea of these boots getting years of wear between my two children and then passing them on to a friend--with each hand-off the boots getting better and better.

henry says they are his most comfortable shoes!

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