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Discover Fall with Ladida!

we all know i’m a shopper, but there is something about the fall season that really gets my shopping juices flowing: wool coats, tights, cozy sweater and boots! (sigh…)

ladida is one of my favorite shops for children, not just because they carry all my favorite brands, but i always discover something new when clicking through the pages of the online boutique. so often online stores for kids feel like a remix of the next, but ladida brings together a serious european vibe with playful looks from scandinavia and spain. i always appreciate ladida’s eye for little boys, which is so tailored and unexpected. no snooze-fest here!

henry and adela are in some of my favorite pieces by cult-classic bobo choses. the latest collection the unknown mountain journey is one the brands best. to be honest, i have been seconding guessing the bobo-fever over the years, but this season they are back on their game. adela is wearing the cotton-puff pink jacket and henry is in the denim star snap-up.

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