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Adorn: Niroma Studio

wall weavings used to bring to mind my neighbor's den circa 1978 with sunshine yellow yarn. and wooden beads. weavings are making a come back in a big way and these are a whole new animal.

my dear friend and former contributor to this blog, cindy, jumped ship to start niroma studio that creates hand-loomed wall hangs for the home. the studio offers amazing custom pieces as well as a collection of made-to-order cloud series (pictured) hangings. the little clouds are the perfect addition to a nursery or playroom by adding a burst of color and texture to the wall.

i hung henry and adela's next to the their beds and call them dream catchers. the kids love to talk about how the bad dreams get stuck in the cloud and then come out the bottom as a good one. it also helps to keep their fingers off the weaving, since if they touch it the bad dream might fall out!

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