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is it me? or do digital thermometers simply not work. i have a forehead, ear, and armpit type... and all of them are unreliable!

so when i heard about the feverfrida from the trusted markers of the nosefrida--arguably the most useful baby shower gift i ever received--i had to try it out.

what is it?

well, it's a small flat pod with a sensor on it. grab your phone download the ithermometer app, turn on bluetooth and you're ready! stick the feverfrida on the child's armpit with handy stickers that come off without an "ouch". tap your phone and you can monitor your baby's temp all night long.

for those extra concerned parents (yes, i am one of them!) you can set custom alerts, track medicines and chart temps over time. put one on your wishlist this cold and flu season!

buy feverfrida

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