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Kicking it Old School with Fayvel

when i was a little girl, i idolized cindy lauper (duh!), madonna and punky brewster.  their crazy 80s punk-fashion style blew my little brain and made my first grade teacher think my parents were insane—i wore some crazy things to school. thank you mom!

that fun style is alive and well with the american brand fayvel.  fayvel channels an 80s vibe with old-school style sneakers that feature customizable designs.  the magic is in the fact that they have velcro sides that function as billboards for hand-drawn “frieze tag” patches. kids can stick different themed packs of patches to create their own original design for each shoe. think: jean jacket meets buttons meets shoes! the result is super cool and cute! oh and did i mention they are vegan to boot!

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