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Sugar on Snow: The Best of the Season

i love this time of year... time to slow down... enjoy life…reset.

sugar on snow is the epitome of the season. the brooklyn-based online shop has the most curated selection of wood toys, cozy sweaters and vintage inspired fashions for babies and toddlers—all infused with an old-world, vintage vibe that feels both wholesome and progressive. shop the softest sweaters and knits from the danish eco label fub—sugar on snow is one of the only us retailers. also santoys  (a.k.a. santa's workshop)—these eco toys are nearly impossible to find, but sugar on snow has s large selection that are selling out quickly! henry and adela love the espresso machine and cash register.

new yorkers! stop by the new brooklyn flea market in industry city (my hood!) sugar on snow has a booth there and you can meet the lovely shopkeep vivian.

shop sugar on snow

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