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Tortoise & the Hare

i am feeling a nostalgic-vintage vibe this week-- can you tell? i think after working like crazy the past few months-- lots of travel, etc. --it's time to slow things down and get back to the old school.

this new clothier tortoise & the hare honors simpler times just in time for the holidays! each garment is handmade in a rustic farm studio in the rural pennsylvania, countryside-- sounds idyllic doesn't it? 

maker rosina lapp works with a small team of artisans to sew these wearable heirlooms, using time-honored techniques passed down from generation to generation. her vintage-inspired designs showcase fabrics of simpler times, like natural-hued linen, chambray, and corduroy, and are finished off with wooden buttons. they just released this special holiday collection this week, which is picture perfect!

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