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Going Native

the challenges of winter dressing can be great. in our household, i got lucky with my eldest he wears anything and doesn't make a fuss about boots, hats, gloves, etc. then there is my little one: she is the most o.c.d. little lady i have ever met and she is especially crazy with her footwear. for one, she doesn't wear socks. ever. you may have seen my instagram woes about winter footwear for her, i was considering uggs!!! not really. well, kinda. but alas, i was saved! natives swooped in and saved winter fashion.

by now, most parents know natives for their easy, durable, washable, slip-on shoes for summer time, but they also do boots! the boots come in a full range of styles ready for all climates from the very wet to the very cold, and a lot in between. your kids will love how lightweight these are, so they won't get slowed down at the playground. you will love the durability and affordability.
i am crushing on the jimmy style that comes in the most fun candy pop colors and wild prints. you can choose from sherba lined or unlined. adela is modeling the fuzzy style in hollywood pink, which she loves to wear.  she says,"they make her fast". the best part? no socks needed!

natives sent us a pair of boots for this post. all the words and opinions are mine.

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